Wekal chain conveyor

Wekal chain conveyor



The WEKAL chain conveyors allow long buffer times between machining processes, with a very compact installation and a high packing density. Flexible width adjustment allows a diverse range of your workpieces to be transported. In our laser competence centre, we can flexibly and optimally adapt workpiece holders to your needs.

Application examples

Our solutions are as individual as the products you need to transport. Our different sizes enable the transport of your workpieces: quasi, from the filigree knitting needle, over the rifle barrel up to oil drilling rods. Individual loading systems can be integrated for loading and unloading your machining centres. Our WCC chain conveyors can be extended with various options depending on requirements, such as orientation stations, lift-out stations, etc.

The WEKAL chain conveyors can be optimally integrated in combination with a WEKAL robot cell for intelligent loading onto a WEKAL pallet system.