Wekal robot cells

Wekal robot cells



The WEKAL robot cells close the gap between the conveyor system and the machine. Our know-how lies in the design and manufacture of workpiece-specific gripper units and the entire robot periphery through to machining processes. Automatic gripper changing systems allow flexible handling of a wide variety of component types and transport containers without manual set-up processes. Intelligent options allow the robot to be used for parallel processes such as brushing, vacuuming, labelling, measuring, testing, etc.

Application examples

WRC with upright robot for loading a machining centre in the complete stack of a WPS system.

WRC with suspended robot as a space-saving solution for handling small components in oil-contaminated grinding operations.

WRC with two collaborating robots as a bin-picking solution. We supply you with robot applications for the "reach into the box" task, in which undefined lying parts are unloaded from boxes. In our bin picking cells, gripper technology and the 3D image processing system are perfectly matched so that the robot can grip precisely, quickly and safely.

Ein einfaches Beispiel mit Roboter Be- und Entladung und zwei Bearbeitungsmaschinen mit Satellitenzuführung an einem gemeinsamen Highway
A simple example with robot loading and unloading and two machining centres with satellite feed on a common highway