Wekal roller conveyors

Wekal roller conveyors



The WEKAL roller conveyor is the extremely stable alternative to our WPS pallet system. We transport heavy or bulky workpieces efficiently and safely through your manufacturing process. WEKAL roller conveyors are characterised by their modular design and robust construction. Depending on your requirements profile and the range of workpieces to be transported, our WRC roller conveyors are available as a direct transport system or alternatively with workpiece carriers.

Optimal for bulky workpieces, our roller conveyor lifts or lowers any workpiece to machining height.

Application examples

A large number of standard components enable the cost-effective realisation of complex systems.

WRC roller conveyors are configurable in the form of a modular system and consist mainly of standard components such as conveyor track, drive units, curves, corner converters, swivel modules, stoppers, lift-out stations, switches, etc.

Process control and workpiece tracking with interfaces to customer systems can be optionally implemented with our control solutions.

The double-deck WRC enables space-saving installation. Empty pallets can be returned to the loading point.