Wekal labelling system

Wekal labelling system



The labelling system completes the WEKAL product range to ensure recognition and subsequent traceability in the flow of parts processing. With feedback to its ERP system, we thus enable you to capture the life cycle of each part right from the beginning.

Application examples

WLS with fixed laser for horizontal labelling of oriented components. Our labelling lasers are equipped with different laser sources for each material depending on customer requirements. It goes without saying that we support all standard market encodings.


WLS with integrated drive axis and component handling for labelling in places that can only be reached vertically. Furthermore, the WLS are also suitable for counter-reading parts that have already been labelled. Our systems can be easily converted to a changed product range at any time.

Ein einfaches Beispiel mit Roboter Be- und Entladung und zwei Bearbeitungsmaschinen mit Satellitenzuführung an einem gemeinsamen Highway
A simple example with robot loading and unloading and two machining centres with satellite feed on a common highway