Control technology

Control technology

No automation without control

We supply customised control systems to match our sophisticated automation solutions. From simple to complex networked systems, we serve the requirements of our customers. Our own know-how, state-of-the-art technology and highly motivated employees form the basis for our control systems.

Hardware planning

We design control systems. Our design team develops WEKAL control systems using modern ECAD software. In compliance with your project-specific requirements, we always develop the optimal solution for you.

Software planning

We develop the optimal software solution for your task. Our programmers write user-friendly software for all applications and create the appropriate visualisation. Today's top issues such as identification systems, traceability, etc. have been part of our standard for a long time.

Robot automation

We manufacture, programme and supply you with highly automated robot cells that are perfectly tailored to your requirements. From 3D simulation of the complete robot cell to commissioning on your premises, everything from a single source. Furthermore, we also offer the service during the running time of the robot cell in your production.

Control engineering

Success can be planned. Planned, wired, tested – from our own production directly to the customer. The employees in our switchgear construction department manufacture switchgear cabinets day after day according to the circuit diagrams or customer drawings developed by WEKAL design engineers. Specific country regulations or special requirements are of course taken into account and implemented in addition to the applicable norms and standards.