Mechanical manufacturing

Mechanical manufacturing

Complete and competent service

Whether individual or series production, with or without provision of materials – we carry out your orders at short notice and at low cost in high quality and on schedule.

Turning and milling technology

By simulating all workstages in advance in the virtual machine room, not only can exact completion dates be calculated, but material consumption can also be reduced by using fewer sample pieces.

Large parts machining

It's all a matter of perfect preparation. On our lateral milling machine, components with a unit weight of up to 16t and a length of 8 metres can be machined in one clamping on five sides. The freely programmable angle head allows us to reach every corner, no matter how hidden.

Small parts machining

A “cutting-edge" history With our modern machinery we can offer you all kinds of cutting. From all-side milling or integrated turning process in one clamping to fully automatic profile saws with individual notches, we manufacture metals and plastics with the highest precision. In order to meet your intended material requirements, we are also happy to offer you any optical or functional surface finishing.